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Business Plans and Cash Flow Forecasts

Forefront Accountancy Services Limited is available to help you with the task of producing a formal business plan for your proposed venture.  This document is used to set out the objectives that you have for the business and describes how you believe these objectives can be achieved.

You should also outline the strengths you have and what skills you are bringing to the business, providing details of any relevant qualifications or training that you may have. 

It should also include details of how the business is to be financed, what the expected capital outlay for assets will be, the expected income through sales revenue and ongoing expenditure that will need to be met.

The business plan will also need to include a projected profit and loss report, which will detail, broken down by month, the income and expenditure expected from your projected gross profit margins and turnover.  The cash flow forecast follows on from this to provide a realistic analysis of when cash will be received into the business versus when cash outlay needs to be made.  All areas of expenditure need to be incorporated, including not only trading items but, where applicable, payment of VAT liability, loan repayments and all necessary outlay for basics such as rent, rates, light and heat and other premises costs, as well as any legal fees, accountancy fees and ongoing services such as refuse collection, insurances and any trade/professional subscriptions applicable.

The cash flow forecast will highlight any periods during which the cash outflow will exceed the inflow and any shortfall will need to be addressed and provision put in place to provide any short term deficit.  A cash flow forecast is vital to every business as even businesses with overall profitability can run into trouble if they do not have available cash to make payments to suppliers or other creditors when necessary.

No new business should start up without a realistic and reliable plan and analysis of the income and expenditure is needed to properly assess whether the venture is a viable one with a profitable outcome.

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